Travelling Outdoor Cinema



Too many people spend time indoors on their tablets, streaming accounts, games consoles, watching movies. Movies are supposed to be an experience but with prices of cinemas, people prefer to stay in and watch movies at a cheaper price. Encourage people to go out with family or friends and enjoy a movie experience together outdoors. Create a leave behind item to go along with this to generate a greater interest.





With the growing popularity of outdoor cinemas, I decided to create a new brand a travelling outdoor cinema called Big Show Cinemas. This is a brand that travels around the UK to large outdoor venues showing classic and new films to a wide number of film lovers. With the themes of circus and cinema combined, people can enjoy the experience of films with loved ones while enjoying the cold breeze of the outdoors. Creating a new hypothetical brand, I had to look into creating marketing ideas, look into event organising and ​​create the overall branding all from scratch. A small ticket with the brand logo acts as a leave behind item, something people are encouraged to keep.