Charity Blind Auction

This is a series of images at different stages of creating two small mini canvas Disney paintings. I wanted to do two small paintings as the artwork was being sold as part of a blind art auction, so I wanted to create two pieces rather than one to hopefully generate more money for charity.


I chose scenes from two great Disney classic films - Cinderella and Pocahontas. I chose these particular scenes are they are great 'moments' of each of the films. This scene where Cinderella transforms from her ragged clothes to her beautiful gown is apparently one of Walt's favourite scenes. The wind with the feathers is iconic from the film Pocahontas and is seen through out the whole film. The paintings were made using gouache paints which I love to use for its dry brush effect, which I tried to achieve for both pieces. These paintings were such fun to create and even better that I managed to raise money for charity doing something I love to do!