Always drawing

Illustration is something that comes nautural to me. I have always had a pen or pencil in my hand. Drawing for work purposes is perfect because to me it's not work, its something I love to do. Take a look at my illustration projects.

Cardiff student Flux illustration
Eye for detail

Graphic Design is so important as it can make something look so much more interesting. Design gives a 'thing' personality and a story. See some of my graphic designs.

Let's get messy

There is no better feeling than getting your hands dirty with pens and paints. Illustration doesn't always have to be digital. Traditional illustration looks great too, if its made by pens, pencils, paints etc. It was made with love.

Having some fun prepping my print to send off to a new home ☺️💕
So cool that a jacket that I customised for _vinjuku Creative Collection is now on sale at the pop u
Feeling so inspired and motivated today working at my shiny new desk surrounded by so much art 🎨💭
Fashion doodle from a random tumblr picture
If you did happen to like stickers and mermaids you can get 20% off these and everything else on _re
Drooling over how beautiful these mini vintage Disney cards are from _clintonsretail 😍
Inktober is hard but my new pen is beautiful ✨
Magic Kingdom has been making magic for 45 years!! I only wish I was there right now instead of in w
Fairy 🌸
See you soon Prince Ali ✨🎭 #Aladdin
Flower Power 🌷
Got this design I made for a client printed by the guys at my internship, best present! 🙈
What a beautiful sight ☀️
Mermay sketch style (THIS FILTER 💚💜)
✏️ _arianagrande
New Toy! ✏️ #wacom #design
Thank you _sean_rees for the incredibly inspiring talk for _cm_cardiff All about taking #risks #desi
What I do when im bored and want to try new pens 🖍 ✨ #disney