Sell yourself



You will be creating self-promotional material that attracts prospective employers. This will be done through a variety of suitable media that will promote your skills, creativity, knowledge and personality. What you choose to create will depend on your found research, your personality, the company’s personality and the type of career that you’re aiming for. The purpose of your portfolio is to showcase your best work in a suitable format(s). It can be one item or a combination of items, including (but not limited to), a PDF, Interactive PDF (embedded video’s, web links), Website, App, Printed Booklet, Postcards, Video, Showreel for example). A combination of formats is acceptable, for instance you may show your work on screen, but then provide them with a printed CV/Brochure for them to keep.





I wanted to create something unique, that would stand out from other people applying to the same job as me. However, I also wanted something that shows what kind of work I do and who I am as a person. I came up with the idea of creating a 'welcome package' that would hold my physical portfolio, CV, digital portfolio and business card. I wanted to create this a unique way, so I decided to make this as a DVD cover package, I wanted to do this to show my interest in movies and still have a strong identity as my own brand. I chose three staple colours for my branding and would decorate specific areas with illustrations. These illustrations show my interests both professionally and personally to show potential employers who I am as an all round person.