Goodbye stability

So the moment of truth has come...I have finally decided to leave my first ever job.

If you didn't already know I have recently been working two part-time jobs and taking on lots of freelance work on the side. And yes the money has been AMAZING but this constant work load has taken a serious toll. Because whenever I wasn't at my one job, I was working at my other job, and when I wasn't working there I was working on my freelance projects. WORK, WORK, WORK... So you can imagine my personal time became completely non-existent.

Working freelance for the past few months has been a dream, I know this is exactly what I want to do and what I hope to do for a very long time. But as amazing as it is working at home in my pyjamas from time to time, the thought of not having a stable income terrifies me. Which is why I have been working my part-time jobs as my security blanket.

The work aspect has completely taken over my life for the past few months so the time has come for me to evaluate what I want to do and what I should do. I must say my heart has completely taken over my head and I have decided I will leave (one of) my part-time job that has funded me and been a part of my whole adult life for 6 years to pursue a freelance career. Risky? Absolutely, but I would rather do what I love for however long that may be than to stay in a safe job that is just not for me.

As scared as I am about the unknown I couldn't be more excited. I am hoping that once I have left I will have more time to focus on working on more freelance projects and just generally doing the things in life that I love to do.

My next blog post will be about all the fun things I plan to do so stay tuned...

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