SO MUCH time, so much to do!

So now that I have left one of my part-time jobs, I suddenly have all this free time on my hands - so what do I do now? Well there is honestly so many things I would really love to do now that I actually have free time.

While working two part-time jobs and freelancing, free time was filled with more work. So this sudden shift in my daily life feels so wrong. I am sure many freelancers feel the same way but whenever I had a spare minute I felt as though I should be working on projects. The guilt that i'm not working makes me think I better get up, open my laptop and WORK! (Im sure this will be a whole other blog another time) But this isn't right, no person should work 24/7. Which is one of the reasons why I felt I had to leave my job. Life is too short to devoting your life to work, life should be lived, balanced between work, family, friends, hobbies, and box sets!! (currently obsessed with Mad Men) So here is how I'm choosing to spend my life...

1) Art - Yes I'm an illustrator and thats basically making art, but because creating is a passion of mine, its important that I still associate art with making fun things that I want to make and make ME happy. If I only ever make things for other people it will just be work, and will only ever be associated with what I do to make money. But I still love making art and experimenting with materials so I am so excited to start making everything and anything and making a mess. I have bought so many different pens, paints sketchbooks, so many things that I haven't even had time to open yet. So this is a perfect opportunity for me to make things and maybe even figure out my illustrative style, because I think thats something I haven't nailed down yet but I can't wait to discover it.

2) Craft Fairs - This is something I have been dying to do for absolutely ages. But because of my limited time, I haven't had time to even think about what i'de sell, never mind find time to make things to sell. I guess this is where the 'Art' section comes in. Hopefully, when I'm doodling or scribbling I can come up with a few great ideas for things that people might actually like to buy. The thought that someone would actually want to purchase something with my design sounds crazy to me right now but I hope people will like what I sell enough to buy them.

3) Networking Events - I guess a craft fair kind of is a networking event, meeting people and chatting them about your work. So thats perfect! But there are so many other business and creative networking events around Newport and Cardiff that I usually have to miss because of work. But hey now I'm not working I don't have an excuse not to go. The thought of going to a networking event alone and talking about what I do TERRIFIES me! But I know its something that may help gain a few connections. Connections are everything. You tell someone about what you do and they tell some, and they tell someone until eventually it gets round to the relevant person who needs you. So although networking is not my idea of fun, I might just find my perfect match (client)

4) Pilates - Okay, completely unrelated to work stuff completely but I just really love pilates! There's not really a lot more I can say on the matter except I haven't been to a pilates class since about Christmas which is sad because it makes me feel all strong and healthy. So yeah better get back to working on that core.

5) Dance - I am completely in love with Dancing (even more than pilates) When I was a teenager I used to go to dancing classes every week and we would perform in shows and it was the best feeling in the world. They stopped the classes and I had to be an adult and get a job, so that was the end of that. It just so happens that now I have all this spare time a new adults dance class has just been set up in my area which is the perfect time and place for me to get back into things and just dance and be happy again.

So thats my plans. I am going to work my butt off to be good at what I do professionally but i'm going to enjoy life while I'm at it and do all the things that make me happy.

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